Constructing your dream home.

Residential renovations and alterations design consultation and solution services


ideas & Design

We have an eye for design and detail. From the latest trends to the best solutions that will work for you.


rENOVATIONS & alterations

Change is only natural. Keep your house looking fresh and up to date with new designs and alterations remodelled to fit your current lifestyle.


Home Extensions

Transform your home by extending or converting your indoor and outdoor spaces.

Kitchen & dining








iMPROVE your home

Instead of making the big move, sometimes a little makeover is all your house needs. As simple as changing your wallpapers, house colour palette, repairing uneven staircases or restoring the condition of your home to its original state can give it a second life.

However, looks are not everything. We help homeowners across Auckland to renew any old and damaged ceiling, floors, walls, and exterior reclad. This ensures that they continue to have proper insulation throughout their home.


After some time, your needs and wants are bound to change. Your house may no longer support your lifestyle or you may be looking for a change. We have experience in modern, contemporary, vintage, classic, luxury designs and more. As long as you can dream it we can remodel it.

Remodelling does not always have to be grand. Just by changing or adding a new feature could change your home design drastically.

Extend your home

Space is everything. If you need more, consider house extensions. We have experience in adding a whole new room and extending your indoor space outwards with decking solutions. Discuss with us your extension ideas, even if it’s as impossible as it may sound. However, this solution usually works if you have a large outdoor space.

When space is limited, we can start looking for solutions inwards by converting unused space or rooms. Most popular requests are attic, basement or garage conversions.

Have a chat with us for any minor or major house renovations. We will provide you with a solution best suited for your needs and budget.