Constructing your dream home.

Recladding Auckland consultation and solution services


Cladding design solutions

Whether it’s for renovation or new builds, we choose the right style and type of cladding that gives your home a difference.


Leaky Solutions

Our solutions are weathertight and waterproof, designed to last through the weather and seasons.


Restore & maintain

Exterior cladding fixes and maintenance services. We keep your home looking sleek without any dents or chips, and leak free.


One of a kind

Add style to your home with the right type of cladding or reclad. From choosing the right colours, texture and patterns to suit your style and your environment. Besides, selecting the right materials can equally affect the overall look of your home and level of insulation and maintenance it needs over the years to come.

Most Kiwi homes use timber weatherboards to cover its exterior walls. However, we have experience in working with a variety of weatherboard cladding, bevel back, rusticated, cedar, abodo, and more.


Many homes in Auckland are still not up to standards when it comes to leak proofed homes. Especially homes that were built during the 90s to 2000s. The first signs of a poor reclad work shows on your ceiling and floors, where it stains from water drippings. Hence, our reclad repair and maintenance services offer weathertight and waterproof solutions.

No more leaky homes.


Over time, your house exterior would start to wear and chip off. You could either choose to restore it or be adventurous and try out a new look with a full reclad job.

A new build project is also welcomed! Have a chat with us and we can discuss the best option for your home design. Whether it be timber, brick, concrete, stone or metal, you can rest assured that it comes with weathertight and waterproof qualities.